Where is the men’s brain?

A few days ago, I went through a very creepy & disgusting kind of incident. Our colony has a mochi (a cobbler) who keeps wandering in our area only as he usually gets a lot of shoes to mend and polish and that is enough for him, I think. That’s why whenever someone needs him, he or she knows that he could be inside our area, somewhere.

So, a few days ago, I asked him to come as I’d shoes to mend and polish.

He came and I gave him four pairs of shoes, two to mend and two to polish. As he’s quite slow and stutters while talking, I asked for the charges through my maid. He told her and then she told me 20 rupees only. I gave that to her to pay him as I was inside.

My sis-in-law was going to leave her kids to their smart class and then she was going to her friend’s house for an hour or so, to get a relief from her hectic motherly routine. My parents-in-laws were on holidays and as living in a good neighbourhood very friendly, everybody knew that they’re out of town.

As soon my sis-in-law left with kids and after a few minutes when my maid went to the market to buy something, suddenly, our doorbell rang. I opened the main gate which I’d locked after the maid left “better safe than sorry”, and I see what that he’s standing outside. I asked what the problem is.

Sometimes, when he talks, we hardly understand what he is saying. But as he’s poor and working at this age of 50-55, and with the problem of stuttering, all, as a good deed, let him do the shoe-work.

But, yesterday, as soon as he noticed that I was alone, he started stuttering more than before and tried to come inside the main gate very slowly. We don’t let anyone inside even when everybody’s home because of safety. But as he’s was getting inside very slowly, he started talking very fast. I asked what happened. He answered that he charged rupees.50 but the maid gave only rupees.20. I thought instantly that it might be possible that the maid didn’t hear it clearly. I told him to stay outside while I’ll get rest of the 30 rupees. But I realized that while staring at me and talking to me, he was scratching downtown, intentionally. I could see that lust in his eyes.


I felt so furious and felt so creepy that I slammed shut the main gate at his face, locked it furiously and loudly told him to through the shoes from above the main gate. My shoes weren’t made up of glass! I even threw rest of the 30 rs from above.

Then, for an hour, I kept thinking and seriously I was so angry that I wanted to share it.

I am right now, thinking that it’s not a problem, it’s a disease by birth, in these type of men, age no bar, religion no bar, place no bar.

Normally, if a woman experiences itching anywhere on her body, as it looks cheap, mostly and generally, a woman or I must say every woman try to avoid scratching in the public. They remain calm and try to control as much as & as long as they can. But a man,

“They pee anywhere, scratch anywhere, touch anywhere…so disgusting and then they talk about “IZZAT” and all!”

But women don’t do such things. And it’s an incident, for sure, might have happened with everyone, once.

As for those women who deliberately, to attract men, touch their bodies in public are not respected anyhow.

But usually, men do. This is a kind of harassment, you know, that makes you feel puny and it looks vulgar too.

Men harass women by doing unethical things like harming their modesty with no shame at all and then blame them as they might have danced on “tip tip barsa paani”, openly.

Why and what is this insanity in the minds of men?

As per my experience, men don’t get provoked by women, men provoke themselves instinctively and intentionally.

Hence, a woman has nothing to do with what men think or do.

Almost, every man’s brain is in his pants!!!

Palak Kundra is an author from Amritsar. Her book Bleeding Queens is out in the markets now. This book tells the story of Diljit, a woman who fights back the rapists and punishes them.