FIGHT it BACK! Don’t live in fear

I was considering putting my contact number on my official website to connect to the readers worldwide. But my friend denied the idea and said: “I shouldn’t”! We both were on the same track that as a new author, I must interact with people on a wider scale, but we also were thinking likewise that I may get fake annoying calls more than the appreciating ones. It’s obvious that I, the one who’s trying to light the spark for women revolution by my provocative writing, will not like to be harassed at the beginning.

So I thought that no matter what, a woman proves or achieves, from a worldwide applauded actress to a cricket player, or from a cute little girl kid to an intelligent teacher/pilot/doctor, we are only referred to as “A BODY”. Especially, for those, who to fulfil their one need, can’t be able to control the devil inside and do not spare even a 2-year-old toddler.

Really, If  I can’t understand this brutal behaviour, this kind of heinous mentality, how can a 2 years old raped in Karnataka or a 6 years old gang-raped in Rajasthan, could understand why they had been a victim. Those, who at this small age, don’t even know their body properly. And after these accidents happen to such small kids, they don’t even know how to tell?

I think I’d chosen a wrong title for my book! It must have been—


I’ve also been through this age. But fear of this sort at the age of 4 or 6, hasn’t even touched my parents’ mind. But all of us are living under the fear that our dear daughters are insecure in school also.

After the NIRBHYA incident and the rage, protests, people showed their anger against this demon called RAPE and everyone thought that now our girls are secure. Our government made more strict laws and fast-track courts for every rape case registered. There’re helpline numbers for girls going alone or working late. Ladies were appointed in Delhi police women control cell so that these kinds of cases should be registered without hesitation. It was reported that a 5-year girl was raped by her two neighbours, on the very next morning of Nirbhya incident. And since then, the situation has been worse and every parent is now the target.

Hasn’t the time come to fight it back? Haven’t we already arrived on the edge of the earth in the terms of crimes against women? How long shall we be silent? Don’t we women have the guts to stand against it? Well, I am not one of those who would like to remain silent because of the fear of ‘lok-lajja’ and all sort of things on this list. I am surely a woman of this age which has produced fierce women as Kiran Bedi and delicate ones like Deepika and Katrina. If they can face the world without any hesitation, who am I to sit back and relax? The time has come that we take the stead and give it back to those perverts who annoy us every now and then! Are you with me? Or are you happy with your fear? Make your decision wisely!


Palak Kundra is an author from Amritsar. Her book Bleeding Queens is out in the markets now. This book tells the story of Diljit, a woman who fights back the rapists and punishes them.