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Palak Kundra is an author from Amritsar. Her book Bleeding Queens is out in the markets now. This book tells the story of Diljit, a woman who fights back the rapists and punishes them.

A few days ago, I went through a very creepy & disgusting kind of incident. Our colony has a mochi (a cobbler) who keeps wandering in our area only as he usually gets a lot of shoes to mend and polish and that is enough for him, I think. That’s why whenever someone needs him,…

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Bleeding Queens — Indirect Dowry!! Sometimes I see this as a curse to our society and cowardice of those parents who do not stand for their own girl. The story begins with a middle-class girl married in high-class society. Parents do whatever they can to fulfil almost every demand of the hungry in-laws, but these…

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