Born in Amritsar, Palak has started the journey of her life in a typical Indian family where the roles are defined for women and men as soon as they are born. After a graduation from Delhi University in English Literature, she was married to Vikram Kundra and was expected to attend the households. However, ambitious as she is, she got a good company in the form of her husband and Vikram offered her rather the driver’s seat. She was allowed to manage the office chords and do whatever pleased her.

Palak Kundra’s writing was inspired by the incidents which took place against women in the society. She was shaken by the crime against Nirbhaya. She is shaken by the crime against girl children. She is shaken by the crime against women. She is equally aghast by the crime against humankind irrespective of sexes. And this is how the author in Palak was fueled and she penned her first novel Bleeding Queens. In her novel, things are not as we find in conventional novels. In her novel, a woman fights back and brings the culprits to the justice.

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